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The Cyclists’ Touring Club is the first and oldest touring club in the world. It was founded in 1878. Cast iron plaques of the Winged Wheel that the club distributed 130 years ago to designate approved inns and hotels still remain on many buildings across the country. The two foot diameter plaques are always under threat of redevelopment or by ignorant disregard. Please report any new sightings or changes, and please adopt a sign of your own if you can, looking after its well-being. Inform the occupant of the building of its history and encourage preservation.

There are some reproduction wheels in existence.

If you can fill in any missing information or confirm an uncertain sighting then please email the author of this website .It is unlikely to be acted upon but the information in the email will be kept in a file for any future editor.

I am no longer maintaining or updating this website on any regular basis. I have quite a number of other commitments and I cannot afford the time to do it. Also the Serif package I’ve used for 20 years is now creaky and unsupported and I really am too old to learn a new package.

Ideally I would like to pass over the website to somebody else, but it can stay here as long as I keep the domain name registered. Ultimately, if nobody takes it on, I will keep the essential listing files and dump them on CTC / CUK !

Anybody fancy  taking the website over?

Keith Matthews June 2022

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